Our team likes to find new ways to reduce complexity and speed up development. The Fastest team is focused on web applications, which we most often build on the AWS cloud serverless architecture. But that doesn't mean we can't do anything else! In short, we find this combination to be a very effective solution for a lot of issues, and it doesn't hold us or the client back from further developingthe system or application.

The closest technologies to us are those that came from JavaScript – Angular, Svelte, React, Node.js. TypeScript is not missing anywhere, because without it the application may soon find itself in front of the gates of hell. However, our developers also have experience with other languages (C++, C#, Java, Rust, Python, PHP), but we try to keep the basic base stack unified and thus passively increase the substitutability in the team on projects.

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We like to use the latest technologies.

  • Angular, React, Svelte
  • TypeScript, Node.js
  • Tailwind, Bootstrap
  • AWS, Serverless architecture, IaC
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