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Some applications and systems are hard to categorize. In addition to our static websites, we handle fast e-shops that can handle the heavy load of your potential systems. We have also developed a logistics network that allows you to have packages sent from your favorite e-store via leading carriers to delivery boxes. For example, to the one outside your house. Carriers have a response to the availability of delivery boxes within milliseconds. We have also developed several robust kiosk solutions that can withstand the toughest industrial conditions. Or an application that will manage and monitor the operation of your business? Or just processes that even your employees find tedious, tedious, or where mistakes are often made? We've done custom development like that too.

Collaboration packages

With us, you can choose how we conduct the cooperation. Do you want custom development? Do you want to start with your startup, but you don't have enough money? Or do you just need an external specialist to become your consultant? Or borrow part of our well-knit development team? With us, you can choose.

  • Custom development
  • Do startup with us
  • Do you need to expand your team with our specialist?
  • Do you need part of our assembled team?

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