Before we get into that, you need to understand your business, where your strengths, values and goals are and where, on the other hand, you know your weaknesses are. This may seem like a pointless discussion and information that developers don't need to know. After all, you know best what you want. However, trust that without sharing this information you will not get the best out of us. We can be supportive, independent consultants and can better manage your development time and save you money on business development, as long as we talk transparently and with the same goal.

Definition of goals

Will the goal be to stay ahead of the competition or to completely win on the marketing battlefield? Our platform will make it easier for you. No performance limits and no arguments from marketers that something is going differently than it could. Thanks to the serverless architecture, your solution will be fast and, most importantly, available to everyone thanks to the scalability of our solutions.

Switching from another system to your own product

Are you working on a ready-made box solution that served you but no longer suits you? When moving to a custom solution, it's important to understand that we need to focus on what's most important at the very beginning. It's often frustrating then that the MVP product of a custom solution doesn't have all the features you had in the box before. However, the advantages and benefits of a custom solution will come with time, further development and most of all under high load, where our system can withstand the heaviest loads.

Setting up company processes, digitalization

Are you dealing with efficiency, cumbersome processes and poor communication between employees in your company? In more than one company we have helped to set them up and digitalize them. The benefit then is a more aware team that can focus on their work and the system serves the entire company to meet the necessary goals. Automatic order creation, notification of colleagues on specific events, automatic invoice creation and distribution when an order is completed, RFID warehouses, camera image recognition and much more...

Customized development

We will not push you into developing your own product at any cost. It's usually more expensive initially than paying monthly fees for a ready-made product, and after an initial analysis we may recommend a ready-made product, even from a competitor.

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