Scope, roles and responsibilities on the project

It is very important to estimate the scope of the project well. It helps if we know your business ideas so that we can design a suitable solution. Although we would like to dive headfirst into new projects and deliver the first germs of the application within a week, we have to restrain ourselves even in your interest.

Is it product development or project development? Do you have a comprehensive idea and all requirements already analyzed to the smallest detail?
Then you belong to the 1% of our clientele and we can "frame" everything, create fixed estimates for development and support them with your project documentation. However, in our experience, this approach to development is often unrealistic and if the project is not reoriented to agile development early on, the joint product may never be completed. Fortunately, most people are aware of this risk and will take our advice on how the development process should proceed. So for a large part of the projects, we follow an agile development methodology, define the priorities for the MVP ("minimum viable product") and try to deliver it in the shortest possible time to production to get data-driven results so that we can react flexibly and suggest an appropriate course of action for further development.

Defining roles and responsibilities on the project is also important to ensure that everything works like a Swiss watch in the subsequent phases. In our opinion, transparency and communication with clients is the basis for success.

Agile development

Agile development consists of development sprints over time. It is an iterative cycle that has a defined and graspable scope. We have the individual tasks (tasks) registered in our internal system (Jira), there are responsible persons, time estimates, specific task assignment "Definition of done".

Fastest Solution – agile development

Our sprints are usually two-week sprints, but this is a project-adjustable constant. However, we can also accommodate weekly or monthly delivery intervals for system components. At the end of the sprint, we hand over the finished "fixtures" from the sprint to the client representatives and test each other. This way, the project budget can be diluted and you can focus on other activities of your business. We strive to be a value-add from the start of the cooperation and therefore we believe that ongoing invoicing for the sprints is the right way to go.

Integration with third-party systems

At Fastest, we don't reinvent the wheel. Especially for things that don't make sense to re-develop. For example, e-shops and other systems don't need their own accounting system. The Czech legislation is quite complicated and we are happy to leave the implementation and ongoing changes to established companies. We are happy to help you get your data safely into such systems where you will have a finished product from the ground up.

What is our standard?

What is standard and appreciated by our clients when working with us?

  • Consultation during sprint development
  • Personal approach – we don't have hundreds of clients to deal with trivial requests, so colleagues are not overwhelmed and can look at the issue from their own perspective with a clear head
  • Regular and irregular online or offline meetings over important matters
  • Transparency - we attach a detailed list of what was worked on and for how long to the invoices for the development. Unrounded.

We are a development team that has a very good overlap into associated industries. However, we don't play 'know-it-all'. If the project requires it and we agree with the client, we collaborate with other specialists from other fields. We have partners in marketing, logistics, warehouse systems, design, construction, automotive and more.We do not forget about you. We can be a trusted partner to help you communicate with other parties.

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