How do we work?

After signing the NDA and framework development agreement, we will dive into the analysis of your business. Understanding your business and the goals you want to achieve is critical so that we can process the product under development efficiently.

Before we get started

We are not an agency that will throw you into a box and force you to adapt to ready-made and outdated solutions, as is sometimes the case. We analyze what you need. We design a simple foundation of what we call MVP (minimum viable product) to get feedback from users and business as soon as possible.

Together as one team

The success of our cooperation is based primarily on an understanding of our relationship with each other. Together we form a product team where you can better see that we have only good intentions to move your business forward.

Každý klient musí přemýšlet i nad rozpočtem projektu. We will do our best to meet the maximum expectations for the available project finances. We cannot commit to a fixed scope with a fixed budget. As is often the case, in the process we learn information that you didn't even know about your business, what you need is often not equal to what you originally asked for. In return, we will offer you a team of professionals and a high level of transparency.

Agile development

Waterfall development does not smell good to us or to our clients. Why? We have never had a client deliver such an accurate and elaborate project specification that we could safely build fixed estimates for our work. We can produce an analysis of the entire project for you, but from experience, you will be turned away at the door when you see the price tag for producing such documentation.

This is why agile development is very popular today. Specifications are created as we go, we deliver in defined sprints, we present our work continuously and you see what you are paying for. At the same time, we are flexible enough during the process to meet new or change requirements that don't turn budgets upside down.

We trust Atlassian

We use Atlassian products for project management and administration of the entire development. As standard, we can send accurate time reports of our work, or you can collaborate with our product/project manager to prioritize and be part of our Jira team.

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