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Logistika v praxi

For BITO CZ and their conference series the Logistics in Practice, we created a web presentation in the AWS cloud. This solution also includes an administration interface for easy management of the website content, including a blog section. We used technologies such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Svelte, Tailwind, Angular and NodeJS.

Logistika v praxi website homepage desktop preview
Logistika v praxi website homepage mobile preview


The social network and cloud-based recording studio Jamujam is aimed at music lovers and offers tools for online collaboration in music composition. Users can create music either alone or in collaboration with other members of the network, either in a group or publicly. Technologies used include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Angular, GraphQL, TypeScript, IaC and Node.js.

Jamujam social network homepage desktop preview
Jamujam social network homepage mobile preview


For the Czech-Slovak law firm HAVEL & PARTNERS we delivered a blog in the AWS cloud together with an administration system designed exactly according to the client's needs. Our platform supports both Czech and English versions of the blog and ensures high rankings in PageSpeed Insights thanks to careful performance optimization. In addition, we enable image scaling and fast full-text searches by using Algolia technology.

HAVEL & PARTNERS blog homepage desktop preview
HAVEL & PARTNERS blog homepage mobile preview

OX Point a.s.

Our box delivery system is a fully scalable, serverless solution in the AWS cloud. It includes a kiosk application for locker and payment terminal operation, as well as an application for managing the network of delivery boxes. It features integration with both global and local carriers. Our technology foundations include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Angular, Node.js, GraphQL, REST API, Electron, TypeScript, IaC, Jest.

OX Point delivery box homepage preview
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Founded in 2009, Fastest Solution has been providing quality digital services for over 14 years. In recent years, the company has specialized in developing web applications in the AWS cloud, customized solutions for the digitalization of companies and business processes in the logistics and warehousing industry.

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Time is money

Time is money

With us, you only pay for the exact time spent on the project. So you don't have to worry about inflated invoices for meaningless tasks.

Agile approach

Agile approach

Thanks to our agile approach, we are able to move the product in line with a clear specification and development funding.

Partnership cooperation

Partnership cooperation

We're not playing know-it-all. If the project requires it and we agree with you, we cooperate with other specialists from other fields.

Personal approach

Personal approach

We do not put you in ready-made boxes. We focus on quality, not quantity.

Fastest technologie

Modern technologies

We like to use the latest technologies.

  • Angular, React, Svelte
  • TypeScript, Node.js
  • Tailwind, Bootstrap
  • AWS, Serverless architecture, IaC
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